Aions A

* Growth hormone formulation in Aions - A aids in the modulation of phytochrome which helps to increase the photosynthetic efficiency and carbon assimilation by increasing the chlorophyll content thus delaying the senescence.

* The metabolism upregulation impr oves shoot and root system and produces higher yields.

* Presence of polysaccharides complex in Aions - A helps in upregulation of PR genes which help in self-defence and biotic stress resistance.

* Our product enhances stomatal conductance which reduces transpiration and upregulates the subsets of stress-resistant metabolites, resulting in salt and drought resistance and impr ove photosynthesis.

* Upregulation of biosynthetic enzymes leads to impr oved nutritional quality.

* Betains helps to maintain cell turgor and uptake capacity even with high salinity.

* Modulation of root exudates, differential expression of signal molecules and enzymes results in impr oved nodulation in roots with increased essential microorganism population.

* Our product contains enough concentration of bio chelated micronutrient concentration which helps to boost the metabolism which helps in higher productivity.

* Uniquely formulated with a high concentration of calcium and potassium ions to balance the leaching from the soil.

Aminoacid 80 g / L
Organic matter 150 g / L
Poasium ( K ) 50 g / L
Phosporus ( P ) 20 g / L
Iron ( Fe ) 12 g / L
Zinc ( Zn ) 9 g / L
Magnesium ( Mg ) 10 g / L
Manganese ( Mn ) 2 g / L
Manganese ( Mn ) 5  g / L
Calcium 70 p p m
Boran( B ) 1.8 g / L